Saturday, September 5, 2009

Strange, strange movie...

Last week I thought that I should investigate the genre of horror a little more with watching the recommended movie, "No Such Thing". I was so distracted by the hopefully low budget acting and special effects that it took me awhile to appreciate the story. Honestly the monster seemed to look like the Beast from "Beauty and The Beast" and it was hard to keep from laughing... especially with his Disney heroine wardrobe. I can see the connection between Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" and "No Such Thing" in the Gothic sense. There was a romance that was of course unconventional and possibly destructive to others (the possibility of endangering others and the actual significant other deems this movie Gothic) and the subject of life and death was quite prevalent in the film. "Frankenstein" focused on creation and the unknown responsibilities that go with creating life, while this movie's direct focus is ending the life of the monster and the danger of it's existence being known.

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