Thursday, September 10, 2009

Interview With A Vampire

I must say that Anne Rice's story is quite enthralling and that the story itself is completely enchanting. "Interview With A Vampire" was one of those books that I was always curious about reading but I never really sat down and did just that. To my unknown knowledge, vampires were always from Transylvania, wore capes, and shared a strong relationship with bats... mostly because of Bram Stoker's "Dracula"; and that their only pleasure was in killing and feeding. The modern day vampire is more humanistic than that, and Rice's telling of Louis' s personal account of becomming a vampire seemed to be very relatable. Louis struggled with overcoming his former self.. a human, and his need for just (in being like a devil or angel and taking and giving life) and normality made him very real to me. Louis saw the faults in every positive aspect of being a vampire, especially immortality. Rather than thinking of this as a precious gift.. to forever live, he found it disgusting and unnatural. His creator, Lestat, however cherished the fact that he could live frivolously and that was only one of the differences that they have.

to be continued...

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