Thursday, November 19, 2009

My future

Ariel Kimble




what I do

situation.. family?


After graduation from Ringling College of Art and Design I spent about three years taking odd jobs here or there. These jobs were freelance, small advertisements that would never get seen. I did some spot illustrations for my old family dentist- it seems like I never leave the dentist once I get there! I had to ink little descriptions on how to brush properly for kids that ate far too much sugar and would have dentures by the time they were 30. It was quite fulfilling. As the years went on it became harder and harder to get a job- even one that didn’t pertain to my major, Illustration. By 2029, eighteen years after I graduated traditional art was obsolete, almost a joke. They didn’t even teach art as we know it in schools anymore. Around the year 2020 I went back to school to become an educator. I never had a passion for children and low and behold I ended up teaching them. The arts department at my school no longer used cheap markers but instead each child, each dirty, sticky handed child had a wacom tablet. I am making less than a year of Ringling now and living with three dogs. Three large dogs in my little apartment. I am not married and because of that I resent most of my friends who traded their individuality to be with a man.. or woman. For all that want to know I actually enjoy living alone in my 3-bedroom house in Ocoee, Fl. It’s right by Disney… the happiest place on earth.

2050-60 yrs

In the year 2050 I’m about 60 years old, pleasantly plump and know exactly what to order from my local Chinese restaurant. I retired about three years ago but it seems like I’ll have to start working sometime in the future because money’s getting short. I’ve gone through about two more sets of doggy triplets. All having names that start with the letter B, my favorite little girl being Bambi- a 120 pound hound dog. This is my life. Occasionally I take out my wi fit and attempt to hula hoop. That’s as much ativity as I get now a days. I used to always be cold but now I always seem to be hot- just like my mother. Oh boy! I keep the house at a nice 65 degrees with my plumpness keeping me warm.

2100- 110

Well, well it’s 2100 and I still have my real teeth. All the food now is in nasty gel formulas with the right amount of vitamins and nutrients to keep us going. I had a major jaw surgery when I was 20 where they removed my diskal joints and had to wait years and years to eat actual solid food. Now there isn’t any. The weather is disgustingly hot out and I can’t be bothered to have a garden or even tend to my lawn. That’s all okay because hardly anyone has a yard let alone anything green. I live in a concrete wonderland. I do however have a fabulous chia pet garden in the spare bathroom bathtub. I can’t believe I’m still alive- I should just get a big mac and get it over with. My local YMCA has a new senior program called “silver sneakers” and they pick me up twice a week to make sure I walk enough so I don’t get a blood clot. How nice of them. And wouldn’t you know it I have a senior activity on Thursdays that includes finger painting- with a synthetic vitamin gel that will supposedly keep me young.