Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

This series is incredibly entertaining and the sarcastic humor makes this show and book far less serious than most science fiction pieces. The witty remarks that Arthur Dent makes to his comrade, Ford Prefect are hilarious because he sounds more annoyed with the situation than upset. I'd expect someone that lost their house to construction for a bypass to be infuriated with the situation- the ironic factor in this is that the end of the world is near anyways so it's not like Dent will be able to use his home or will anyone else for that matter. Dent's friend, Prefect suggests that the only just solution to the matter would be drinking four pints of beer and ironically he's correct hah! Another humorous aspect of this show is how Prefect thinks that he is a hero to Dent, yet he always gets the both of them into a heap of trouble... and with each of these little incidents becomes another episode. I did not finish all of the audio book clips but I can sense that the pattern for this program is that the two will never escape every problem and that along the way they meet people that they have already met or learned about for the "Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy". This is how the character, Trillian came into the show. After saving/capturing Prefect and Dent they all came to realize that Trillian and Dent already met- on Earth! I love the connections that are made from one location to the next and how Earth remains in the stories and there is always some travesty. This show is somewhat like a soap opera... in space. Especially with the dramatic music that almost pokes fun at old sci-fy movies and literature. Even the dialogue is less serious than it is in other science fiction pieces. This audio series has great voices and because of that it is so easy to imagine each of these characters and their demeanors- the separation from dialogue between characters the narrator, or book's voice was especially entertaining and they definitely played off one another. I want to finish the series and surprisingly I enjoyed the show despite it's cheesy affects.

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