Friday, October 16, 2009

The Glass Slip-Up

Louise Cooper's adaptation of "Cinderella" is hysterical! I love how Cooper practically mocks "true love". The original "Cinderella", or at least Disney version focuses on the magic of love... and how with just one look infatuation can seize power over the prince. Most people know that this occurrence, is to say the least, uncommon. I don't think that I know of one married couple that can actually say that they saw each-other in a moment and knew they had fallen in love. That's ridiculous. It takes time to develop a relationship... and obviously poor Charming did not. The result of his instant infatuation... Rell, an untamed, obnoxious beauty. Even though Cooper makes fun of the traditional princess story, she really makes a point to show the absurdity of "love at first sight". Her characters are what truly bring life to this story. I found myself questioning Uncle Dandini from the start- from his mannerism, concern for Charming's well being, and most notably colorful fashion. He just had to be gay. There is never, ever a mention of homosexuality in any fairy-tales that I know of- so I thought that this was great! Later on in the story when he mentions to Charming that he has found Rosa I noticed he also speaks fondly of Buttons. I waited until the very end to discover that Buttons was in fact a young boy who answered the door of Rell's home. I found this to be a pleasant surprise. Dandini found love before Charming! He met "Buttons" before he, Charming, and Rosa went back in time. That love indeed withstood time :)

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